School Rules and Regulations

School Schedule
Mondays to Fridays
LKG – II - Timings - 8.00 a.m. to 11.50 a.m.
III – XII - Timings - 8.00 a.m. to 2.20 p.m.

No School for LKG – X
XI – XII – Timings 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 noon.

1. The School Diary is published under the authority of the school each year. Each child must possess a copy of the school diary and bring it to the School daily. Parents should check this diary everyday.
2. Pupils are expected to address all members of the staff with respect and politeness. They are expected to deport themselves well and behave in a courteous manner.
3. Pupils who have been absent from class for more than a day must have the reason for their absence briefly noted in a letter addressed to the Principal. Students who have been absent from class for one day must have the reason for their absence briefly noted in the school diary. The format for the leave record is given in the school diary.
4. Students who have been absent from class for more than two days consecutively for medical reasons cited must have the reason for their absence briefly noted in a letter addressed to the Principal with a attached medical certificate by a practising doctor from government hospital.
It is mandatory to attach a medical certificate with the leave letter, in case of medical conditions being cited as the reason for absence.
5. Those who return to school after being absent without leave shall not enter the class room without the sanction of the Principal and without a letter from the parent/guardian explaining the reason for absence.
7. If a student is late he/she will be marked late his/her diary. However, if the student is late for the third day in the same month the student will be sent home after informing the parents.
8. Students will be released after receiving Release Card. Loss of the card will incur a fine of Rs. 10/-. An application, along with a General Diary (G.D.) from local police station, should be submitted to the office. (The system of releasing children by cards is to ensure the safety of children.)
9. No child will be permitted to come to school only to appear for grades/tests and then allowed to leave. If a child is fit to do the test, he/she will be expected to stay for the complete duration of the school hours.
10. No books, periodicals or newspapers CD’s etc of an objectionable nature shall be brought into the school.
11. Pupils are responsible for safe custody of their books and other belongings. Each article should be marked with the pupil’s name.
12. Students must take care of the school property. Any damage done to the school, property will have to be made good by the pupil concerned.
13. Parents/Guardians are not allowed to see their children during school hours. Parents are to meet teachers only by prior appointment. We interact with parents only and not with any other relative. The parents must inform us, if other guardian, is active in absence of parents. Parents and guardians are not permitted to visit the classrooms or visit their wards to take away their wards during the school hours without written permission of the Principal.
14. Every pupil is obliged to take part in all activities of the school.
15. Students should always be neatly dressed, with their shoes polished and hair done neatly. Spikes, long side burns/coloured/streaked hair is not allowed in school.
16. Students who are improperly or shabbily dressed would be sent back home.
17. Non-Sikh boys should get their haircut at regular intervals and should be properly shaved.
18. Students are advised to make use of the dust-bins provided for throwing bits of paper etc.. They are expected to keep the classrooms and campus neat and clean.
19. Parents are advised to note and keep relevant information of people helping their ward’s travel to and fro school.
20. No student should shout or whistle in the school premises. Use of abusive language is not allowed in school.
21. Students are not allowed to use office telephone without the permission of the office-in charge.
22. Students will not be permitted to attend telephone calls made to the office during their class periods unless it is very urgent.
23. Students are forbidden to practice any borrowing or lending.
24. Bursting of crackers or splashing of colours in the school is forbidden.
25. Transfer from one Apeejay School to another Apeejay School is not admissible.
26. Before withdrawal of a student from the school one month’s notice is to be given (before the 5th of the month preceding the withdrawal) or a quarter’s fee paid in lieu thereof.
27. If the tiffin of a student is being sent with somebody other than the parent, the bearer of the tiffin must carry a letter informing the same written and signed by the parent/guardian.
28. The school encourages the students to appear in a number of competitive examination conducted nationally and internationally like :-

i. PRE-RMO - Pre-Regional Mathematics Olympiad
ii. UIEO – United International English Olympiad
iii. ZIO – Zonal Informatics Olympiad
iv. GMO – Global Mathematics Olympiad
v. SOF – Science Olympiad Foundation
vi. NGSE – National Genius Search Examination
vii. KVPY – Kishore Vigyanik Protsahan Yojna
viii. TERI – The Energy Research Institute – Green Olympiad
ix. MTSE – Mathematics Talent Search Examination
x. NFLAT – National Financial Literacy Assessment Test
xi. WGSE – World Genius Search Examination
xii. NSE – National Standard Examination

29. Attendance on the opening day after any vacation is compulsory.
30. No pupil is allowed to take tuitions from school teachers. If a child is found flouting this rule – the child loses his/her seat and the teacher loses his/her position.
31. No child is allowed to bring gifts for friends or for teachers on any occasion.
32. Use of mobile phones during the school hours is strictly prohibited. If any student is found using the mobile phone during the school hours in the school premises, the mobile phone will be confiscated by the school office.
33. In case of emergencies, students can bring mobile phones to school with name tagged. It should be kept in the school office.
34. Parents to take note that the mobile phones children may bring to school, must be basic handsets without any camera or hitech applications. They are to be used only for making calls, if necessary.
35. If a student belongs to SC/ST/OBC category please submit relevant certificate.
36. Parents are required to make sufficient enquiries about the transport service providers to ensure safety of their wards.

Note to Parents/Guardians
Parents and guardians are requested to co-operate with the School authorities

• By ensuing that their wards are regular and punctual.
• By seeing that their wards do their Home Work and lessons regularly.
• By checking their wards school diary and report card regularly and noting the teacher’s remarks.
• By regularly checking the students’ ClassWalk Id for notices, assignments and updates.
• Parents must ensure that the tiffin should be labelled while handing over to the bearers.

All correspondences should be addresses by the Parents/Guardians to the Principal.
Parents may meet teachers only by prior appointments as made via school diary.
Contents covered in class to be considered as syllabus for the term concerned.
No attendance certificate will be issued from the school as attendance is clearly mentioned in the report card.
Character certificate will be issued only to the outgoing students of Class XII.

“To Mother Earth ….With Love”
This is an initiative to create awareness among the students to conserve electricity, water and other resources.

1. Turn off lights, fans and air conditioner even when you are outside a room for a short while.
2. Use stairs instead of an elevator whenever possible.
3. Do not keep your TV, computers and other appliances on stand-by mode.
4. When you are writing, printing or photocopying on paper, make sure you use the other side of the sheet.
5. Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL), light emitting diode (LED). These bulbs reduce electricity consumption substantially.
6. Re-use items like paper, carton boxes, folders, envelopes to reduce the over usage of paper.
7. Think of innovative ways to re-cycle and re-use scrap items for storage and other useful purposes. Create "Wealth From Waste"
8. For short trips, walk or bi-cycle instead of taking a car.
9. Reduce the use of plastic and use jute and paper bags
10. While filling up water in your bottle, do not wait till the water overflows but remove it before the water level reaches the brim to conserve water.
11. Always ensure that the taps are tightly closed and conserve water.
12. Do not shout, scream. Talk softly to reduce noise pollution.

Plant a Tree, Keep the City Clean and Paint
The Planet Earth Green.

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