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Education as the art of stimulating and protecting natural human growth demands a conducive atmosphere for physical, intellectual, social,aesthetic and emotional growth.

Experiential Learning - Apeejay School in an effort to instil a new way of learning amongst students, will undertake Experiential Learning - a process of learning through experience, and is more specifically defined as "learning through reflection on doing". Hands-on learning can be a form of experiential learning.

Not a prescribed text but a library full of varied books, pictures and maps.

Not a bell-bound series of periods but freedom to persevere and achieve results in workshops, gardens and playgrounds.

Not teachers who are harassed to keep a heterogeneous crowd of learners attentive to the same rigid syllabus but teachers who are free to take interest and offer guidance as needed in what every individual is doing.

So, the main objective is to find a method of instruction by which teachers may teach less, but learners may learn more; by which schools may be the scene of less noise, aversion and useless labor, but of more leisure, enjoyment and solid progress through which the community may have more light, order, peace and rest........................................... by Comenius

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